Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nationwide Crime Wave Is Building

Homicides increased 9% in the largest 63 cities in the first quarter of 2016; nonfatal shootings were up 21%, according to a Major Cities Chiefs Association survey. Those increases come on top of last year’s 17% rise in homicides in the 56 biggest U.S. cities, with 10 heavily black cities showing murder spikes above 60%, notes Heather MacDonald at WSJ.

“I was very worried about it last fall,” Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey told a May 11 news conference. “And I am in many ways more worried” now, he said, because the violent-crime rate is going up even faster this year.

MacDonald writes, "Last week in Chicago, a man on the South Side who works in a bakery told me that he now sees “a lot of people disrespect the police, cussing and fussing.” He added: “There’s so much killing going on now in Chicago, it’s ridiculous. The problem is not the cops, it’s the people, especially this younger crowd with the guns.”

Which is another way of saying it's all about LBJ's Great Grandkids.



  1. It's a combination of government violence and private violence but does this bakery employee actually support ending gun restrictions or not? I give it 50-50 that said employee would call for more government thugs in the streets to solve said problem.

  2. Conditions are ripe for a strongman candidate like Trump to become president. Hillary will also be forced to choose between the police unions and black lives matter, so don't be surprised if a GOP candidate like Trump receives endorsements from police unions that almost always endorse Democrats. And if the media wants to take down Trump, they best stop running stories about how he's tied to the mob. During times like these, voters might actually find mob ties appealing.

  3. Springtime in Motown, just down my block.