Monday, May 2, 2016

Kid Mexican Protesters Flip Off Trump Supporters

A sign held by one protester says, "F--- You Puto." "Puto" means "faggot whore" in Spanish.



  1. Yes, kids, vote for Senora Hillary, because we all know she is soooo generous toward brown people with her money.

  2. They just made the wall ten feet higher...

  3. I'm with the little brown kids on this one. Trump is very clearly the aggressor in this situation. He has repeatedly and adamantly announced his intention to violently round up millions of peaceful people, many of whom are probably these kids' cousins. It baffles me that frequenters of a libertarian blog cannot see this for what it is.

    "But the welfare state!"
    Newly arrived immigrants are not to blame for America's inanities. They just got here. You can no more fault them for sending their children to free government schools and climbing onto whatever government gravy train rolls by than you can blame them for walking down a government maintained sidewalk.

    "But our culture!"
    This is the biggest wussy loser argument of all. The number of third world immigrants who have come to America in the past two generations roughly equals the number of abortions Americans have had in the same time. We have simply imported the people we failed to produce. Your anxiety over a lack of familiar faces gives you no right to point guns at peaceful people. They didn't stop you from having children.

    I love that supposedly level-headed libertarians who frequently acknowledge politics as an inherently violent enterprise get all aflutter when a little bad language is thrown around.

    When The Trumpeteers shout "Build a wall!" all I hear is "We want a Safe Space!"