Saturday, May 21, 2016

Jeff Deist: Surviving Election Season

Jeff Deist joins Joshua Bennett on the Patriot's Lament show and gives his thoughts on the 2016 election. This is really great stuff.


  1. Thanks for posting this Mr. Wenzel.
    Jeff really was/is brilliant. What an asset to both the Mises Institute and to Liberty. I'm sorry I couldn't fly down for the Seattle conference today to meet him and the others.
    I'll keep pushing for the Alaska conference.

  2. Jeff is REALLY coming on strong. I wasn't sure about him at first when he replaced Tucker, but he has become amazing. I've seen the same thing with Daniel McAdams. At first I thought he was this awkward, heavyset guy with zero charisma. Boy has that perception changed! Throw Woods into the mix and we're getting this communications thing goin' on.

  3. RW - It's been bothering me ever since I posted that comment at 11:22 AM. I left you out of that group of great communicators. I think it's because I think of the other three guys as "slick" as well as correct. So, with apologies, I also commend you for doing such a great job in promoting liberty. Yeah, I'm such a suck-up. Uh, BTW, Bionic ain't half bad, either. :)

  4. Deist seems like a great guy, but it's a fact that since Deist start heading Mises their output has been maybe 10% of what it previously was. I'm not sure what the reasons for that are.