Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How Donald Trump May Have Walked Into a Trap Set by a Clinton Super PAC

It might be via an ad as deadly as the LBJ ad that sunk Barry Goldwater:

 Glenn Kessler explains here.

Trump should really stop responding to each of these attacks or libertarian fanboys are going to quickly learn the limits of Trump's skill in taking apart the establishment.

Trump should really be taking Robert Ringer's advice, but it doesn't seem to be in his chemistry,

He bizarrely seems to double down on lies and bring focus on them. That's not going to work against the skilled communication hit artists that Hillary employs and the willing establishment media to emphasize the Hillary hit team messages. Trump will have to hit Hillary very hard just to survive.



  1. There's a lot he's doing that I don't understand. He keeps encouraging Sanders, for example, to continue his fight against Hillary. Sanders no doubt is helping Trump by staying in the race so far, but he'd be more inclined to get out if he thinks Trump likes what he's doing and is openly saying so.

  2. "The Apprentice", El Trumpo, is dancing to the choreography perfectly. You don't really think there is some kind of bona fide contest going on here, do you?

  3. Disclaimer: I am not a Trumpian fanboy, his policies are sickening.

    I don't see any connection between this ad and LBJ/Goldwater ad. The fact that the archaic Clinton campaign and establishment kabal think they "got" Trump with this shows how completely out of touch they are. Trump has already taken endless, brutal attacks (that most GE voters have already heard and seen, and is not only still standing but thriving. This ad won't even touch him. He has been 5 steps ahead of everyone since June.

    1. I'm not a Trump fanboy either, and I agree with you.

      In fact, if I were Trump, I'd create a mimic add with people talking over Hillary's statements. Things like where Hillary -- during the Hillarycare episode back in the '90s -- said that if businesses couldn't afford the costs, they didn't deserve to be in business anyway. Or all the right-wing bimbo comments during numerous Bill scandals.

      I think it could be pretty hilarious -- no pun intended.

  4. Does Donald Trump really think he's going to persuade Sanders to run? Probably not.

    What will be the actual effect of his goading? To antagonize Hillary supporters against Bernie supporters "Trump supports Bernie as a spoiler!", which will in turn elicit indignant reactions from Bernie supporters. Stirring the pot, dividing the Dems.

  5. Trump will do just fine no matter what he does or says, short of insulting his potential followers.
    It is not about Trump, but what he represents. And what he represents to his potential followers is bigger than Trump himself. That's why what he says will not have great negative impact on his chances. '
    I'm afraid you don't understand this phenomenon well enough. Lies don't matter anymore. Lies aren't important. Only the damage his followers think he will inflict upon the establishment matters. He could have strangled a kitten, figuratively speaking, and his followers would say that there are more important things to worry about.

  6. It only works if coming from a human being, not from The Wicked Witch.
    psychopath and Co.
    Everyone hates Hillary, knows she's a walking talking psychopathology 101 and it's actually a egregious insult to even be exposed to her at all.