Saturday, May 7, 2016

HORRIFIC This Is Why You Need to Buy Paper Copies of Books and Not Rely on Digital Copies

One of Mark Dice's books was banned by Apple's iBook service.

Mark explains exactly what happened at the San Francisco Review of Books. It's a chilling story.



  1. The free market allows the writers to sell a book to anyone they choose. Apple as a private company has issued its Terms of Agreement. Writers agree to these terms before allowing their book to be sold within Apple's products. And so you must honor the contract or look elsewhere. As an individual buyer, consumers also have an agreement placed upon the use of this material. If those terms say the companies like Apple can pull the bought item from the user's reading list then you must honor the contract or look elsewhere. If companies are pulling enough books off of their inventory or off of individuals reading list, the free market allows the writers and consumers to seek other choices and for other entrepreneurs to take up this opportunity. Consumers can choose paper copies of books or other companies with a better agreement in place for digital. Writers can use other companies to showcase their work or they can do it on their own. Third party Entrepreneurs can also seek this market share of the disgruntled writers and consumers.

    As far as a big brother, Illuminati type of reason, it is possible for this to happen. and if there are only a few big companies offering these types of services this can be very powerful in the hands of the controlling. But at face value, this looks to be one company not wanting to have another competitor's name in items that it sells. Whatever the ultimate reason for the pulling of material from viewing, we must allow the free market choice throughout this process and it will clear anything it believes to be wrong.

  2. This is paranoid horse manure. Apple has never allowed advertising a competitor's site and neither has Amazon. All he needs to do is remove the specific reference and resubmit. As for iTunes, iTunes Match is specifically designed to upload and store music NOT purchased from Apple so his comment is absolutely nonsensical. I imagine what happened is that he had downloaded content from his Apple Music subscription service and when that expired it was removed from his drive. Apple can't and won't remove music from your hard drive because it wasn't bought at Apple. That is a crime. If he thinks that's what happened, prosecute. Anyone buying into this nonsense needs counselling.

  3. Why do I need paper books when all my data is stored on 2 external hard drives and then disconnected from the internet? My kindle hasn't had the wifi turned on in over a year and I just upload content to it from USB port.

    Never bought an apple product and not going to start now.