Friday, May 13, 2016



  1. Out with the old; in with the... old?

  2. There is no way that this could be a positive development. The closer that Trump gets to the White House the more he waters down his non-interventionist foreign policy. By the time he gets elected he will be calling for a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran, much to the delight of the detestable neo-cons who claim to oppose him.

    There really is no point in supporting anyone campaigning for President. The office has become so powerful, secretive and dangerous that no human, no matter how smart, virtuous or well intentioned, can be trusted with that kind of power. The institution of the U.S. Presidency needs to be dissolved before one of these preening, arrogant, duplicitous jackasses gets us all nuked.

  3. The libertarian Trump supporters are just SO EXCITED that Trump appeared to say some anti-war stuff and the rabble let it slide. However, the rabble is (are?) also letting slide Trump's alternative and insane pro-war statements. Let's get really excited about a brain dead voter base. As Eric Margolis said to Scott Horton last week, Americans do not even know where these foreign countries are and they think of foreign affairs as if it were nuclear physics.

  4. I'm sure this was a brief conversation for Lindsey Graham. I mean, how long does it really take to lay out a scorched-earth philosophy?

  5. Libertarians for Trump must be so proud to see whom they are sharing the Trump-cheerleading camp with: Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Sean Hannity, and now perhaps Lindsay Graham.

    It doesn't occur to them that no peace-candidate could ever get support from these kinds of people. There is campaign rhetoric and there is behind closeds door promises and policy conservations. All politicians lie to the masses on the campaign trail.

    What has happened to these Trump-libertarians that they have become so utterly naive and gullible. Why are they still psychologically invested in a "necessity" to vote for even horrible candidates, just because they may (not even necessarily *are*) marginally less horrible than the other candidate?

    Even if Trump's foreign policy is slightly better, it can be amped right up after his presidency again with the next candidate, but his own horrible policies will likely be on the books forever as virtually all laws and bills are. There may be short term gain but long term destruction.