Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Party Nomination on Second Round Vote

Ugh, the guy that is about as libertarian as Cass Sunstein.

Yes, the guy that couldn't even condemn the bombing of Hiroshima.

Yes, this Gary Johnson:

And, of course, there is this.



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  1. The problem with types like Gary Johnson is that he is just some guy concluding that there is "too much government". But in these days that is like saying there is too much obesity, or there is too much crap on TV. It's not exactly saying much because you'd have to be a raving state-worshipper of the worst sort to think otherwise.

    Judging by his positions he is not even a constitutionalist, which means he is certainly more statist than a document outlining government's role in the post office, for instance.

    This is how libertarianism is defined now: as something that merely states: less of what we have now, instead of a real philosophy about the nature of why big government is immoral, and even to what extend and why.

    It is so broad as to be virtually meaningless and the faux-libertarians don't try to hide it by questioning who died and made real libertarians the arbiter of what libertarianism actually is or isn't.

    Just as the word "capitalism" has been rendered without clarity, as well as liberal, so now has libertarianism.

  2. The Austro-libertarians were too busy fantasizing about anarchism to challenge Gary for the nomination. I'd have voted for you over Gary, Robert.

  3. Another election cycle, another worthless libertarian party.

    Of course, were there any good candidates to begin with? Not really. Maybe in 2020 we can get someone exciting in the race and actually give them a opportunity to nominate a libertarian.

  4. I got through about 10 minutes of your interview with Gary and had to shut it off. Why waste my time?
    Austrian Business Cycle theory is wrong because of the Tulip crash in the Netherlands?
    Forget politics. The worst rise to the top, and obviously, the dumb are right behind them.