Sunday, May 8, 2016

Facebook to Sponsor Donald Trump's GOP Convention

Facebook has confirmed it will fund the upcoming  Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July, where Donald Trump is expected to offically receive the party's nomination for president.

The company said this support does not mean they are endorsing any candidate or political party, since they are also funding the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Free speech-hating lefties aren't happy. Telsur reports that CREDO Action criticized the decision of the company and has joined other organizations in pressuring corporations to back down on their support to the GOP’s event, which could be seen as an endorsement of Trump and his rhetoric.

“Lifting up Donald Trump’s fascist platform at the Republican National Convention is irresponsible and dangerous,” said Murshed Zaheed, political director of the "progressive" activist network CREDO. “It simply isn’t possible for Facebook to financially support a Trump-led Republican convention without associating its brand with Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric.”


  1. Seems like Zuckerberg is just hedging his bet, no?

    1. Yes, but what the Social Justice Cupcake Zaheed is really all butt-hurt about is that Facebook isn't associating itself with HIS brand of hateful rhetoric.

      Pass that "man" a Kleenex.