Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dennis Fusaro Issues Statement on the Conviction of Ron Paul Inc. Operatives

Dennis Fusaro, who first went public with the charges that Ron Paul Inc. operatives made under the table payments, which ultimately led to the government investigation and convictions of Jesse Benton, John Tate and Dimitri Kesari, has issued the following statement:

I am very sad for them. This is not a happy moment for me or anyone concernd with true Liberty. I tried to get Jesse Benton to come clean on his own and clean it up internally. But instead I was mocked and insulted by him.

I'm also very sad for committed Grassroots Ron Paul supporters from 2008 and 2012 who gave their time, their money and their passion to a cause that was undermined by an insider a clique that didn't really believe what Ron Paul believes on key issues. Clearly they used the resources entrusted to them by the RP Grassroots to gain personal political power, build outside groups they controlled, and to advance other questionable agendas.

They could have told the truth to the voters of Iowa that Kent Sorenson had been paid or offered payment to endorse Ron Paul. They could have thumbed their noses at the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee and made a First Amendment stand over the right to associate for Kent Sorenson. Instead they chose to take on the federal government.

It was also a stupid political move because it clearly dropped Ron Paul from a second-place finish to a third-place finish in the caucuses in 2012.


  1. Sums it up pretty well. Benton & Tate are pricks. Selfish Pricks. And very very dumb Pricks. Totally took advantage of the Ron Paul energy and did their best to put it down.

    His granddaughter should have a better judge of character than she does.

  2. They are arguably guilty of capital offenses simply for associating libertarianism with Michele Bachmann.

  3. I was one of those schmucks that gave Ron Paul money for his campaign. Never again, such a waste of money, time, hope, etc, etc...