Thursday, May 19, 2016

David Koch To Fund the Libertarian Party Again

It's a strategy to derail Trump and get Hillary elected.

Lew Rockwell writes:
David promises tens of millions to the campaign of ex-NM gov Gary Johnson as an anti-Trump move. This also explains why another left-wing Republican and long-time Koch fave. ex-MA gov William Weld, will be Johnson’s running mate. 

This will provide a great opportunity to expose Johnson for the libertraian-lite he is.

I interviewed him in 2012. It did not convince many that he has a strong grounding in libertarian thinking.

I am not impressed by Trump, Clinton or Johnson.



Koch Brothers Deny That They Will Fund Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson


  1. How do we know the Kochs want Hillary? If Libertarians could turn American politics into a 3 horse race, that would be a good thing in my opinion. The GOP has been a phony limited government Party for too long.

  2. --- I interviewed him in 2012. It did not convince many that he has a strong grounding in libertarian thinking. ---

    I wasn't impressed with his libertarian bona fides either, but considering the competition, he looks much better to me than the alternatives. And, besides, I don't worry too much about derailing Trump considering the man is an even bigger Fascist than HillRod when it comes to economics and neither can be considered being close to libertarianism as Johnson, even if Gary is not a oure and perfect libertarian - like I am.

    And I certainly do not lose sleep over the possibility that El Trumpo is going to be derailed. I don't wake in sweats thinking that El Trumpo will not get a chance - poor fellow - to impose those punitive he so touted or steal people's money under the guise of extorting payment from a foreign government to pay for a little remodeling he wants to do in he border. I couldn't care less.