Friday, May 20, 2016

"And, Furthermore, Does Your Mother Know You're Working for Donald Trump?"

Long-time Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal refused to answer questions about his one-time salary through the Clinton Foundation or Clinton's email scandal Wednesday, telling the questioner to go talk to his mother.


(via Weekly Standard)


  1. Sidney Blumenthal is actually the only good thing about Hillary. The neocons hate him.

    1. Complete nonsense. Sid Vicious is a long time Clinton hatchet man and dirty tricks political operative. In addition to these nefarious activities he is a bag man for the Clinton Foundation and a conduit for security leaks from NSA and the State Department to the Clinton Criminal Empire.

      I haven't noticed a neocon (with the exception of the brain dead Sean Hannity) complain about this creep since the 90's. In case you hadn't noticed the neocons are currently doing their best to get Hillary elected President, in which case Sid will become the next administration's unofficial global plenipotentiary.