Friday, April 22, 2016

Vaclav Klaus Interview: The Indoctrination of Children is Worse Now Than During the Final Stages of the Soviet Union

President of the Czech Republic from 2003-2013, Vaclav Klaus grew up under the worst years of communist oppression in that country. Klaus went on to become a leading Czech anti-Marxist advocating Western economic and political principles.

The entire interview is worth watching, but his comments on the current indoctrination of children began at about the 16:00 mark.


Hat tip to Thomas Trosko who emails to inform that he has been selected to be a teacher at the first Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation teacher training in Washington DC this July.



  1. During the Final Stages of the Soviet Union, Soviet became very democratic so lets not compare apple with oranges.
    The parents did not pay for their children school in soviet union era.
    We the people do.
    There were no homeless population in soviet union.
    America does.

    Why compare natural apple and oranges with GMO?

  2. My memory of growing up in communist Czechoslovakia in the 80s was that of a safe easy going place. The problem was not what we did not have, but knowing that our western neighbours had more. Freedom to travel outside of country was also limited. The trouble began when western banksters looted the entire economy and the wealth of the state passed into their hands. And Mr. Klaus was instrumental in that process. I do believe that he genuinely thought this would help the Czech economy, but he underestimated the power of the international banksters.

  3. The USA is the most relentlessly propagandized nation on earth -
    I forget who said it, but I read this many years ago.