Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Transgender is Not a Gender It's a Belief


  1. "Gender" generally can be one of two things. In recent years, it has become an euphemism for the term "sex." I can recall in my old Latin and english classes the teachers were clear that "gender" was a grammatical device that most languages employed to make nouns, adjectives, pronouns, whatever, consistent. The choices were male, female, and neuter. Referring to a hen as "he" would be bad grammar, regardless of the hen's behavior. Nowadays I guess it's just an euphemism for sexual who knows what.

  2. Here is what i believe:

    Progressivism never stops, and cultural marxism in particular wants to utterly corrupt and inflict with moral disease Western civilization.

    The left agitated for gay rights. Okay. But anyone who suggested it would go on a sliding scale toward pedophile rights incurred the wrath of the left. However, as soon as they could crow victory (for instance with the legalization of gay marriage), they IMMEDIATELY starting going full retard on transgender rights with this whole bathroom thing. Progressivism never stops and is never satisfied.

    What reason, logically speaking, do we have to assume that this does NOT end up with agitating for pedophile rights? If it about how one "feels" and whether someone may have been "born" that way, what reason do we have not to assume this is exactly the excuse they will use on pedophilia?

    This isn't about rights that make any sense in the current world. This is about infecting western civilization with moral disease to destroy it from within. That is why it will not stop. That is why they don't give a shit about ordinary, basic human rights in the Middle East. Who cares about women and gays in the Middle East? It is about the West and undermining the West.