Thursday, April 7, 2016

There's a New Man in Charge of the Donald Trump Campaign...'s Roger Stone's man.

WaPo reports:
Donald Trump is not a dumb man. He didn't get to where he is -- in this presidential race and in life generally -- by not grasping when things are slipping away from him and making the necessary changes to correct the problem.

That's exactly what Trump did Thursday afternoon when he announced that Paul Manafort, an old political hand not previously affiliated with the real estate mogul's campaign, would serve as "convention manager" -- a position from which he "will oversee, manage, and be responsible for all activities that pertain to Mr. Trump’s delegate process and the Cleveland Convention."

No, you are not the only one thinking that such a job description makes it sound a lot like Manafort is being put in charge of Trump's entire operation. The reason you think that is because that's what is happening.

Yes, the Trump release notes that Manafort will work "closely with campaign manager Corey R. Lewandowski and deputy campaign manager Michael Glassner." But the writing appears to be on the wall. Manafort will run things going forward.

Stone and Manafort were once partners in a Wahington DC lobbying firm, Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly.


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