Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Great Answer Vladimir Putin Told a Little Girl About America

Recently, during an interview, a little girl asked Russian president Vladimir Putin if a woman could become the President of Russia.

Putin said "Yes," and Western news media is running with the story.

But the real story is a side point made by the little her about America.

She said her father said that only Putin could "handle America."

Putin spent most of his response time commenting on this side statement, which the media is not reporting on at all.

Putin said that there was no reason for Russia to "handle Amerca," that Russia needs to focus on its domestic issues. He said that if the domestic issues are taken care of properly  there wouldn't be any need to "handle anyone."

What a great non-interventions answer. It sounds like he has a better grasp on peaceful and proper foreign policy that the dealmaker.

"Libertarians for Putin" anyone?

The video clip is at DNIIndia bathed in full feminist nonsense: here.


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  1. Talk about role modeling leadership and self-sufficiency! Once he leaves office, he'll go on the lecture circuit and make millions.