Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pope Propoganda

While visiting the Greek island of Lesbos, Pope Francis took 12 Muslim refugees from Syria, including six children, with him back to Rome aboard the papal plane. It was some type of symbolic effort. And make no mistake, it was nothing but symbolism.

The population of Germany is approx. 80 million and in 2015 alone the number of refugees that arrived was 1.1 million. or 1.4% of the then population

The population of Rome is approx. 2.7 million, the equivalent proportional number of refugees in Rome would be 37,800.

At the rate of 12 per plane trip, the Pope needs to make 3,149 more plane trips to just equal bringing the same proportional number of refugees into Rome that arrived in 2015 alone in Germany.



  1. If you had the measure of Pope by public relations, he would be Franciscus Magnus!

  2. Headline:
    Pope parties with 12 Lesbians on private jet.