Friday, April 29, 2016

Latino Crowd Taunts Trump Supporters... Trump appearance in Orange County, California.


More insanity here.


  1. These guys are like Trump's marketing team -- he should have paid them. We were watching this on the news at an establishment not too far from where this was occurring live, and the reactions were mostly along the lines of "See! This is what we've been talking about!"

    I'm not particularly nationalistic, but to be fair, I'm not nationalistic for other countries either, and it gives pause to see a giant Mexican flag being waved in Costa Mesa. One can see why people who are more prone to nationalistic tendencies get so upset. I think people understand pride in one's heritage, but they sense there's much more going on here.

    To me, the problem is all in socialism. If you end government pilfered freebies to everyone, then people who come here really do come here to work, and the arguments against welcoming foreigners gets much weaker (sans the "they took 'ur jarbs" crowd, but in the absense of forced-plunder, that's an easier argument to overcome).

  2. I love my city, but fuck. I don't know which is worse. This shit, or the out-of-towners descending on Goat Hill Tavern during spring break and vomiting all over the sidewalks because, apparently, there are no bars where they live.

  3. When the danger is there for parasites that they no longer get to easily suck blood, they will get violent. Without any legitimate morality and ethic it is much harder to get by in a society where parasitism is not valued and rewarded, and life starts looking dangerous and inhospitable.

    This is why the left is much more violence-prone than the right. Actually having value and being capable of voluntary trading of such is beyond the left. They must rob in order to sustain themselves.

    This is why, if a genuine libertarian ever threatened to be a serious contender for the white house, this level of intimidation and violence is child's play compared to what you would be seeing.