Friday, April 15, 2016

Last Night's Debate: A Libertarian Recap

Murray Sabrin emails:

Bernie and Hillary did not shake hands after they made their closing statements. She is pissed.

Hillary's closing comments are just awful. She is a bore.

Hillary is steaming underneath her cool demeanor. Bernie is tearing her apart on big money contributions.

Hillary wants more taxes top pay for Social Security, America's giant Ponzi scheme. Ditto for Bernie.

Bernie, the Fed is screwing the middle class. He is absolutely clueless.

Bernie wants a "free", healthcare...A Jewish Santa Claus

Hillary loves NATO. She wants them to pay more. Why do we need to "defend" them? WW II has been over for 70 years. Wake up.

Hillary and Bernie want to overthrow Assad. She wants a no fly zone. She is worse than Bush.

Hillary and Libya. See this smoking gun,

Bernie wants a "war" on climate change.

Hillary is losing it. She is sounding unhinged.

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  1. thats just the campaign trail, if you don't sound unhinged by this time you aren'y campaigning hard enough