Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Harvard Op-Ed: ‘Everything Is about Race,’ Even Park Benches

A Harvard student penned an op-ed for the school’s newspaper explaining that if you’ve ever said, “Don’t make this about race,” you were automatically wrong — because “everything is about race.”

“Of course it’s about race — everything is,” Ted G. Waechter writes in a piece in the Harvard Crimson.

 “Our country was built on oppression, and race is everywhere, at every moment on my standard trip back to Harvard.” That’s right. Not just most of the moments, but “every moment.” Every. Single. One.

“The view from my airplane window is about race,” Waechter writes....“It is impossible to separate the wealth that paid for my plane ticket from structural oppression,” he continues.

 “When I land at Logan, it’s about race.” Other things that Waechter insists are “about race” include the Central Artery (a section of freeway in Massachusetts), “luxury high-rise developments,” Boston’s Silver Line bus system, and the benches at Jamaica Pond and Trinity Church.

“In a country built on oppression, everything is about race,” Waechter writes. “Including the benches.”

"America’s wealth and power is derived from the violence of genocide and human bondage. We reify white supremacy through exclusion, eviction, and eminent domain, and we reinforce white supremacy by denying it. We say, 'Not everything is a race issue. Don’t make this about race.' But Harvard exists on this land because of race, I pay for plane tickets because of race, and I get here on the Silver Line or by the Central Artery because of race," he writes.

-RW note:

There are many problems with Waechter's focus here, let's just take one.

What Waechter is describing here is power and conquest. It can be based on race, but this is far from always the case. Evictions and eminent domain can occur on behalf of whites against other whites. On other continents, it can be Asians against Asians and on still other continents, it can be blacks against blacks. The same with conquest.

To reverse all the "wrongs" that have been done is as likely as reversing and bringing back to life everyone who has "wrongly" died of cancer or other death-causing diseases.

Shit happens.

Of course, as civilized people,we should object to any current future abuses of power, which is mostly government abuses, since by definition government is abusive.

And that is the key, Eliminate central points of power, i.e. government, and there can no grand scale abuses of power for any reason.

(ht National Review)


  1. Everything is not race. Race for people like this is merely one subject out of many under the umbrella of cultural marxism, just like feminism, environmentalism and gay rights are.

    Everything is not race, but everything, for these people, is politics. Every.single.thing. in life is politics. They are obsessed with it; they have been brainwashed in it in the Stalinist indoctrination camps called University where, as we know, intellectual diversity is regarded as akin to counter-revolution in Soviet Russia, something that must be stamped out by intimidation, oppression, threats, slander and other methods.

    You prevent open debate with counter arguments, until the kids have been thoroughly brainwashed, after which no counter argument will enter the completely closed and dogmatic minds of the newly created stormtroopers of the commie left.

    1. This is brilliant analysis!. Hope you dont mind if I borrow it.

  2. What is quite clear is that everything is about country, not race. There is a whole world out there and this person thinks only in terms of the US. That is the antecedant, not race. In fact, a cursory tour around the world will show very different and interesting forms of racism that this young person has no clue about.

  3. As I learned from Rabushka and Shepsle back in 1973, ethnic and religious differences become all-encompassing in a multi-ethnic/multi-religious nation where the government controls a significant amount of “public goods”. Basically, a multi-ethnic social democracy is a recipe for ethnic conflict and slaughter. Iraq, Rwanda, Nigeria, East and West Pakistan etc… Social Democracy. Another gift to the world from the Social Justice Warriors.