Sunday, April 10, 2016

Glenn Beck Hints That George Soros Wants To Kill Him

On his television show last night, the very curious Glenn Beck told his studio audience that he decided to make himself the number one public enemy of George Soros so that if anything ever "happened" to him, everyone would know that Soros was responsible, reports Kyle Mantyla.

As Beck explained, back when he was still broadcasting at Fox News, Soros' "number two man" came to Beck's "number two man" and "he made a threat," prompting Beck's advisors to tell him, 'You have to be his number one enemy, make yourself visibly his number one enemy so that if anything, God forbid, happened to you, everybody would go, 'George Soros.'"



  1. It seems like only yesterday that Beck was calling us Ron Paul supporters domestic terrorists (and all that that implies). He then went on to ruin Texas tea-party candidate Debra Medina's gubernatorial chances.

    Then he changed lanes, attempting to make himself over as the leader of the small government movement, all-the-while leading his flock back to the establishment. I don't care for the man one bit.

  2. He's just trying to make himself look important.

  3. You may call him "curious", Robert.
    I call him a crackpot.