Monday, April 18, 2016

George Soros Organization Has a Plan to Get a Senate Vote on Obama's Supreme Court Nominee

Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland
A vote on President Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court has stalled as the Republican-controlled Senate refuses to even consider hearings, never mind a vote.

They want to wait until next year when a new president is operating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But, the left may have a plan to force a vote. According to a money raising email sent out under the signature of Senator Elizabeth Warren, the George Soros-funded lefty organization has a strategy to get a vote.

From a copy of the email obtained by Target Liberty that was sent out under Warren's name:
Dear MoveOn member,

On Thursday, I met with Chief Judge Merrick Garland, President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

And I'm feeling optimistic right now, because I just heard from my friends at MoveOn about their new, bold strategy to break the Republican blockade on his nomination.

You see, they have their eye on one senator who's at the center of the Supreme Court fight. And they have a plan that I really think could work to bring that senator around—and start a domino effect that leads to hearings and an up-or-down vote on President Obama's nomination of Judge Garland...
The Republicans are turning one of the most solemn and consequential decisions that U.S. senators make into a partisan circus. It's utterly unprecedented. And we simply can't let them get away with it.

That's why I'm excited about MoveOn's campaign to put an end to Republican obstruction on the Supreme Court.

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  1. Scott Hordon did a great interview with Will Grigg recently. Merrick played a significant role in helping the FBI hide its murder of Kenneth Trentadue in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing. Looks like Merrick's getting rewarded for his efforts.