Saturday, April 2, 2016

Genius April Fools Day Slam By Rand's Democratic Opponent in Senate Race

 Mayor Jim Gray, who is running on the Democratic ticket against Rand Paul for the US Senate seat from Kentucky, issued a statement on his political future in a press release on Friday.
The content of the press release reads as follows:
Mayor Jim Gray today announced after he is elected to the U.S. Senate, he will immediately file to run for President.
Being a Senator isn’t going to accomplish my goals. You need me as your President. And I’m just going to go ahead and be honest about my intentions.You know, Kentuckians really need a President, not a Senator.”To campaign for the White House, Gray plans on acting up and grandstanding through Senate filibusters, social media posts, cable news appearances and Sunday morning broadcast programs.
Kentuckians shouldn’t worry because I’ll make my Senate votes on my DC layovers between Des Moines and Concord. And if by some miracle I’m not elected president, I’ll always have Kentucky as my back up plan. We’ll do publicly funded town halls to get reacquainted.
The press release, concludes this way:
“NOTE: April Fools! Unlike Sen. Paul, Jim Gray really does want to be Kentucky’s Senator. He has a proven record of success in the private and public sectors and will focus on creating jobs in every region of Kentucky, not running for president.”

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  1. Jim Gray is Mayor of Lexington. He is dumping the good people of Lexington to run for US Senate. A Google search shows he has not resigned, and just won re-election for a 4 year term in 2014.

    It's the same principle as Rand running for President. So this is quite stupid, not genius.