Monday, April 11, 2016

CLOSED: Sexual Misconduct Case Against Dershowitz

Lawyers opposing Law School professor emeritus Alan M. Dershowitz in a pair of defamation suits admitted fault in accusing him of having sex with an underage woman, formally putting to rest allegations levied against the former professor since December 2014, reports The Crimson.

The settlement, The Crimson goes on to say, is the culmination of a year-long saga that began in December 2014, when attorneys Paul G. Cassell and Bradley J. Edwards filed sexual misconduct charges against Dershowitz as part of a civil case in a Florida circuit court. Cassell and Edwards alleged that Dershowitz had sexual relations with their client—who was originally referred to as “Jane Doe No. 3”—when she was a minor.

“I feel completely gratified by the result,” Dershowitz said in an interview. “They have acknowledged that they made a mistake and they have withdrawn all the charges.”

Dershowitz said he thinks his experience highlights a need for a “fair process” in cases of sexual assault that balances the rights of the plaintiffs and the accused.


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