Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bill Kristol Promotes Major General James Mattis on ABC This Morning

The push to promote Major General James "Mad Dog" Mattis as a third party candidiate, a push which I have been reporting on for weeks, has now been advanced even further.

Bill Kristol, super neocon by birth, introdcued the idea on this Sunday's This Week roundtable on ABC.

In the words of RealClearPolitics: Bill Kristol Strongly Pushes Gen. Jim Mattis For Third Party Run; "Totally Doable".

From the ABC transcript:
BILL KRISTOL: The only thing that appeals to me is what Reince Priebus just called a dumb idea, which is giving the American people a better choice than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump... I think an independent candidacy is totally doable, I think it will happen. 
The ballot access problems are not insurmountable... [The ballot is closed for] Texas and North Carolina... I think a lot of patriotic Americans are going to look at this choice... and say the country deserves better than a Clinton-Trump choice... 
Jim Mattis happens to be a social liberal, He is more liberal than I am. He is very concerned about the debt. he is a strong national security hawk, why wouldn't someone like him?
... I think if Trump is the Republican nominee, the laws permit indpendent candidates.

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  1. I take it Burt Lancaster from Seven Days in May was not available.