Saturday, March 19, 2016

Will Trump Put a Crazed War Hawk on the Ticket With Him as VP?

If Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination will he choose John Kasich for the vice-presidential slot?

On the Sean Hannity Show, that's who Trump confidante Rudy Giuliani named as  Trump's most likely VP pick.

Kasich was by far the most war hawkish of any of the presidential candidates.

He wants to arm Ukraine and "punch Russia in the nose."


He wants US ground troops to fight ISIS in Syria and he against the recent Iran deal.




  1. He can also help Trump carry Ohio, which happens to be a big deal.

  2. Considering Trump will likely pick an establishment type to unite the party and since the whole establishment are crazed war hawks, then yes, Trump will pick a crazed war hawk. And it could be Kasich.

  3. Trump will be wise to put someone as noxious to the establishment as he is. It's his only chance of staying alive. His VP choice will be a life insurance policy. A Kaisich VP slot would guarantee an assassination within a few short months.