Monday, March 21, 2016

This is a Damn Tough Quiz: Who Said It, The Trump Campaign or The Charles Mansion Family?

Take the quiz here.


  1. Wow Bob. This is getting interesting. I knew you were not on the Trump train but come on. You can do this with just about any famous person if you have enough of their quotes. Anyway, I wonder if Trump has said half the stuff hes given credit for. Maybe so, but I could put together a similar quiz for just about anybody. Maybe you too. I know I could for me, LOL.

    1. I agree, another attempt by the media to associate Trump with "bad people". I'm surprised they didn't try to do this with Hitler quotes.

    2. Somebody did a similar thing, wait, I think it was Butler Shaffer, where he asked incoming students to choose (blind) between mystery man "A" or "B" for President, based on characteristics. That is, did he like dogs, health food, etc.

      Well invariably, like 90% of the kids chose Hitler.