Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Republican Establishment's Best Case Scenario When It Comes to Trump

The Hill reports:
Some in the Capitol believe there’s a slight upside in Trump’s candidacy. They don’t believe he has deeply held beliefs, and therefore can be persuaded to adopt the House GOP’s forthcoming agenda. Others say a Trump-fueled increase in voter turnout could help the party in some races.


  1. Bingo. The man obviously likes to win in public scraps. What he does with the high ground of the Oval is a lot less clear.

  2. A listened into CNN's Super Tuesday coverage from time to time last night. One of the funniest things was the reaction to the news that an anti-Trump SuperPAC was being created. A Trump supporter on CNN loved it, saying that this will only help Trump. A pollster agreed, saying that this only shows how clueless the GOP establishment has become.

    1. It's like watching a pair of young boys play the game of "stop hitting yourself"