Friday, March 11, 2016

The Indicted Jesse Benton Becomes News Relevant Again; Becomes Trump Super PAC Strategist

Former top Rand Paul adviser, Jesse Benton, who goes on trial in April for his alleged involvement in under-the-table payments to an Iowa politician to bring his support over to Ron Paul's presidential bid in 2012, has been named the chief strategist for the pro-Trump "Great America PAC."

Before the Benton announcement,Trump had taken steps to distance himself from the group. After it launched, a Trump attorney got in touch with the representatives for the super PAC and told them it wasn’t allowed to use the candidate’s last name in its title. Shortly after, TrumPAC changed its name to Great America PAC.

No doubt Trump will now distance himself even more from the PAC and the press will have renewed interest in the upcoming trial of a "strategist for a Trump Super PAC" on trial.

Trump has not yet commented on his new under-indictment supporter who wants to help him get to the White House.

(via Politico)


  1. Benton is a saboteur. I don't believe it's a coincidence that he turned up here after screwing up Ron and Rand's campaigns. This guy just happens to latch onto the campaigns deemed most threatening to the political establishment and happens to damage these campaigns.

  2. You can see the palpable dislike that both Ron and Rand Paul have for Trump.

    What is Benton thinking by taking this position? Is he that desperate to burn up familial good will in the name of a paycheck? Ugh.

  3. This doesn't surprise me because Trump likes the "strongman" type operatives who aren't afraid to make enemies. His campaign manager Cory Lewandowski is very similar to Roy Cohn with the tactics he employs and even kind of looks like him.

  4. Benton must be seem some type of establishment saboteur. Who hired him for Trump and what about his resume makes anyone think he can run a successful campaign?

  5. Just read the article. It looks like the Super Pac that Benton is joining is just glomming onto the Trump slogan. The "Great America PAC" will raise money from people who think they are supporting a Trump candidacy.

  6. Jessica Benton latching on to a political wave to make money....never. I hope he loses his case, whatever it is. Why does the Paul family greatness end with Ron?