Monday, March 28, 2016

Secret Service: No Guns at July GOP Convention

Guns will not be permitted at the Republican National Convention this summer in Cleveland, the U.S. Secret Service said Monday in response to a petition circulated by gun rights activists.

Under federal law, the Secret Service may ban firearms from sites visited by people under its protection including in so-called “open-carry states” such as Ohio, Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback said. Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is under the agency’s protection.

“Only authorized law enforcement personnel working in conjunction with the Secret Service for a particular event may carry a firearm inside of the protected site,” he said.

A petition on the website, which has drawn more than 45,000 signatures, called on the arena hosting the convention, the state of Ohio and the Republican National Committee to allow attendees to the July convention to carry weapons inside.

Republican politicians and their flunkies carrying guns, now that I would have liked to see take place.

(via WSJ)


  1. So where did the SS get the authority, moral and legal, to ban guns in the possession of private individuals at a meeting of a private organization in spite of the NAP and constitutionally recognized, though not respected, individual liberty? Oh that's right, so we can safely overthrow the tyrant Assad! Silly me.

  2. That petition was created by left-wingers in a snarky attempt to embarrass gun rights advocates. IMHO, they should allow concealed or open carry at the convention. It would probably be the most polite convention in recent history.

  3. So... if a protected person visits your home, the SS can disarm you in your own castle?
    Wow! Blackstone call your office.