Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ron Paul: Trump and Clinton Are the Same

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  1. Ron, I love ya...and if you were running you would get my vote. But you are not and neither is any libertarian. So, again, we have a vote for the least evil candidate and in that respect I don't see Clinton and Trump as equal. Hillary has a record (as Sec. of State) of promoting wars that have killed thousands and made refugees of hundreds of thousands. Trump has never killed anyone. Hillary would appoint a leftie to the S.C. to fill Scalia's seat and, when Ginsberg passes, appoint another leftie. Any Trump nomination would likely be better than Hillary's. Trump's tax plan would lower some federal taxes; Hillary would promote tax increases. Trump does not favor any increase in the minimum wage; Hillary is on record for a far higher minimum. I could go on...but you get the point. If we choose to participate in the political process (some don't and I respect that) we are forced by current circumstances to choose the lesser of two evils. Trump is the lesser to two evils.