Friday, March 18, 2016

Oh Boy, Fawning Coverage of Donald Trump in Super-Neocon Sheldon Adelson Israeli Newspaper

The Intercept reports:
Three times this week, the front page of the Israeli tabloid Adelson set up to support Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud partyIsrael Hayom (Israel Today), has featured fawning coverage of Trump. The newspaper is widely seen in Israel as a megaphone for Adelson’s own views.

On Friday, the Hebrew-language print edition featured an interview with Trump —translated into English online — in which he assured Israelis that, far from being “neutral” on the Middle East, his election would be “tremendous news for Israel.”
His message to Israelis, Trump told the paper’s foreign editor, Boaz Bismuth, was this: “Your friend is leading in the primaries. I’ve always been your friend, even at the toughest moments. And that’s not going to change. I love you.”
Bismuth got little else from Trump, except the assurance that his election would also be “less good news for those who don’t like Israel,” but the rest of his report, a star-struck ode to ostentatious wealth, reads like it could have been written by Trump’s publicist, or his doctor.

Trump is an unknown quantity. The only clue we have  is the people circling around him, Giuliani, Christie, Sessions and now Adelson. Not good a good one in the bunch, all very authoritarian and war-hawks, who think Israel is the 51st state..


(ht Jay Stephenson)

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  1. Trump to Adelson: "Sheldon, I have the biggest stack of chips at the table. It's time you think about how you can acustom yourself to this new business environment and stay at or near the top in a changing world. So it's time you figure out how you are going to play ball."