Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday Projections


7:00 PM ET

Hillary Clinton wins Georgia and Virginia

Bernie Sanders wins his home state of Vermont.

7:07 PM ET

NBC Projects Trump wins Georgia.

7:24 PM ET

CNN confirms Trump Georgia win.

8:01 PM ET

CNN projects

Trump wins Alabama. Massachusetts,Tennessee

Hillary wins Alabama. Tennessee

8:31 PM ET

Hillary wins Arkansas (CNN)

8:37 PM ET

Hillary wins American Samoa (CNN)

8:43 PM ET

CNN projects Trump will win Virginia

9:01 PM ET

Texas projected for Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton (AP)

9:08 PM ET

Ted Cruz wins Oklahoma (AP)

9;14 PM ET

Bernie Sanders takes Oklahoma (NBC)

11;00 PM ET

Bernie Sanders takes Colorado caucus (CNN)

11:13 PM ET

Hillary takes Massachusetts (NBC)

11:16 PM ET

Trump wins  Arkansas (CNN)

11:19 PM ET

Rubio takes Minnesota (WSJ)

11:28 PM ET

Another Bernie Sanders win Minnesota. (AP)

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