Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Donald Trump Says He Got A Call From House Speaker Paul Ryan

Trump says it was a good call and that Ryan is a good guy.

Trump smells the goal line. Will he cut any deals?



  1. Of course he will. That's what he does. All this authoritarian stuff is just media hype. Will Trump get the best of "the deal"? Maybe, who knows. Ron Paul would have to make "deals" if he was president. As powerful as the office is, its not a dictatorship, at least not yet!! The foreign policy is the area where a pres. had a lot of pull. That and setting the "tone" at the agencies.

  2. He's dealing with snakes. I hope Trump has his radar in order. He may be playing along. But...Ryan is a whore and a traitor to America. All of them are frankly. But he's one of the slimier ones. I feel like I need a bath but still won't feel clean. I'm really disappointed in these elites. They may be good at making money and being sophisticated....but they're all no higher than the inner city thug that would shoot ya for 5 dollars. The elites let other people do their dirty work. They're shallow soulless people. May they each and every one ROT IN HELL! Stay safe Donald. You're too good