Friday, March 25, 2016

Did Ted Cruz Have an Extramarital Affair With Trump's Spokeswoman?

Gawker is strongly hinting that one of the women Ted Cruz allegedly had an extramarital affair with is now the spokeswoman for Donald Trump.

Gawker writes this about the alleged sexual trysts of Cruz:
The actual story—which is not online, but which Gawker has obtained a copy of—does not name any of the women with whom Cruz purportedly was involved. Descriptions are given for each, however, and at least one should sound very familiar to folks who have been following this election.
Gawker then links to a story  by The Political Insider that contains a picture and youtube of Trump's spokewoman, Katrina Pierson, and several tweets that hint at an affair.
Here's Ted endorsing Pierson when she ran for office and an accompanying tweet published by The Political Insider:

TPI concludes:
People’s personal lives should always be their own business. But American Presidents can open themselves up to serious legal problems and blackmail by having affairs. Clearly, whatever is going on here needs to be discussed BEFORE the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

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  1. I wonder if that was what Trump really hired her for... ;-)

  2. I just can't see Ted Cruz having sex with this attractive woman or any other attractive woman. It goes against virtually everything I thought I had figured out about women for the past 20 years.

  3. Who cares who fucking who, it happens all the time and with elected people, church people and just us regular people. It is no one busines, we all have scandles.