Thursday, March 10, 2016

Democrats Launch Hilarious Attack Ad Against Trump

The Democratic National Committee has launched an online-only ad that, NYT reports, will be targeting on Facebook to voters in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, which all have primaries next Tuesday.

NYT reports that this ad is the first of a three-part digital series with a Trump University theme, the D.N.C. said. The next video, to be released later this month, will feature a fake Trump University fraternity pledge, and the final installment will be the “graduation.”

I am not sure this will hurt Trump with his current supporters, but it is funny.



  1. The ad would work better if it wasn't such a broad attack. Something that is funny should not run the risk of being tiresome.

  2. The Dems are obviously way more afraid of Trump than they've been willing to admit. If you truly thought Trump was the easiest foe, you'd do everything you could to make him the nominee.