Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ayn Rand Interview (1961)

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  1. “No matter on what type of culture you observe him, that type of man is a witch-doctor, in the sense of his psycho-epistemology – of the way he uses his mind. Since he has to deal with other men, since on the grounds of emotion no one can deal with reality nor with people, the natural ally of the witch doctor will always be the type I call “Attila”. That is, the primitive, savage, tribal chief: the man who acts only on the range of the moment, on his immediate sensory perceptions, who is contemptuous of and refuses to see ideas, principles, or abstractions - and whose way of dealing with reality and with other men is by a means of brute force. Attila is the gangster, or the dictator, or the military conqueror, or any man who believes that force is practical. Any man who refuses to think, and wishes to loot, enslave or force others. All through history, all major cultures with very few exceptions, were ruled by an alliance of the man of faith (that is, the witch doctor) and the man of force (which is the Attila). The witch doctor provided the goals, the values, and the moral sanction for Attila to enforce in the world.” – Ayn Rand

    What an incredible mind that woman had.