Friday, March 11, 2016

A Call Script for Bernie Sanders Volunteers

Target Liberty has obtained the following call script that Bernie Sanders phone volunteers are using. All presidential candidates use similar call script formats:

March 15th ID Script
Hi, Is [VOTER’S NAME] there?  My name is [YOUR NAME], I’m a volunteer with Senator Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign.
I’m supporting Bernie because for over 30 years he has been standing up for regular people, not the billionaires.

When you vote on March 15th, can Bernie count on your support?              
1 - Strong Bernie
2 - Lean Bernie
3 - Undecided
4 - Lean Clinton
5 - Strong Clinton
6 – Other/Not Voting/Already Voted

IF 1 or 2:
That’s great! We have active volunteer groups all over the state and we need your help identifying supporters in your area. Can we count on you to join us and volunteer for Bernie?
IF YES TO VOL: Awesome!  I will mark it down here and someone from a local office will be in touch shortly to talk more about our opportunities! You can also find the office nearest to you at Thanks again for your support and have a great day! [END CALL]
IF NO TO VOL:  Thats ok.  Thanks again for committing to support Bernie on March 15th.  Together we can win! Have a great rest of your day! [END CALL]
IF 3:
I fully understand being undecided, you still have time but its close. I hope you will vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders. He has consistently opposed job-killing trade deals in stark contrast to Sec. Clinton’s support of outsourcing American jobs to low-wage countries. Sen. Sanders believes we need to uplift working Americans by raising the minimum wage, ensuring equal pay for women, and expanding social security. He is the president we need to ensure that all Americans earn what they truly deserve.

You can find where Senator Sanders stands on other issues important to you at Have a great day and thanks for your time! [END CALL]
IF 4,5, or 6

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day. [END CALL]

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