Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Woman Spitzer Allegedly Choked Was Once $5K per Night Hooker; Says She is Willing to Prove She is Crazy

Citing an anonymous source, Inside Edition reports that Svetlana Travis, who Eliot Spitzer allegedly choked, is the author of an article published by Matter in 2014, “Sex Is Sex, But Money Is Money.” The author of that piece identifies herself as a 24-year-old former escort living in New York City that charged as much as $5,000 per night.

The New York Daily News has further details about the night of the alleged assault:
In the hours after the alleged scrap, Spitzer was caught on hotel video wearing a wool cap pulled down low over his eyes. While Travis was in the hospital, someone identifying himself as “George” called twice to ask about seeing her, sources said. 
Later, a man believed to be the same person showed up using the name “George” to see her, but was told that at that point he couldn’t see her, sources said.
Police believe the caller and the visitor were Spitzer because hospital video shows him wearing the same wool cap, sources said.
Spitzer has been known to use the alias “George Fox” — the name of a longtime friend and supporter — when he was soliciting hookers in 2008.
According to NyPo, in 2014, Travis posted a karaoke rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” on YouTube with the title “a song for mr. E.S.”

More from NyPo:
She told doctors that Spitzer had pushed her and grabbed her by the neck, and she repeated those claims to the NYPD, sources said.

She later changed her account of the incident, became “totally uncooperative” and refused to speak with detectives, sources said. She declined to press charges.

When Spitzer showed up at the hospital he looked “like a burglar,” a source said.

“He was all covered up, with a dark hat pulled down and a black jacket pulled up, trying to cover himself as much as possible so he wouldn’t be recognized,” the source said.

On Sunday night, Travis took a 7:30 p.m. Sunday flight from JFK Airport to Moscow, using a ticket she had bought in advance, the sources said.

Spitzer's  lawyer Adam S. Kaufmann claims Travis is crazy and to prove it he supplied NYT an email he claims Travis sent from Moscow.

 “I just read the news, I’m so sorry,” she wrote. She offered to tell the cops “that my report was all fake.” She said she would tell the police that she attempted suicide “as I had before.”

“You tried to save me,” she wrote to Spitzer. She offered to send “documents from all mental homes where I have been — Russia, Catskill  New York, California.”



  1. One would think with after getting caught once and how it all went down Spitzer would've taken the hint to stop. Obviously not

    1. Just goes to further illustrate the theory that only psychopaths rise to the top in govt.

    2. To quote F.A. Hayek: "Shit floats".

  2. He probably thinks he's smooth and clever.