Monday, February 1, 2016

Trump’s Plane Does Fly-By in Iowa to Air Force One Theme

Time magazine reports:
Donald Trump orchestrated a dramatic fly-by of his airplane in Iowa on Saturday set to the theme song from Air Force One, the 1997 presidential drama starring Harrison Ford.
The plane carrying Trump flew past a crowd of supporters before it landed in Dubuque, Iowa for a rally at the airport.

I really, really wonder what this guy would do as president. Very scary.

He has said on more than one occasion that he wants the military led by generals like George Patton.

I'm sure he is thinking the movie version:



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  1. So what was il Duce Donald doing during the Vietnam War? In the trenches murdering innocent yellow people? On the lamb, eh? Honorably in prison for civil disobedience? Oh right, he spent his time at Wharton on a draft deferment paid for by daddy Trump. Another chickenshit chicken-hawk... just what we need. ;)