Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Tells That Will Clue Us in On What a Trump Administration Would Look Like

Up until now, there have been little in the way of details as to what policies would look like in a Trump Administration. But we may be getting more intelligence on this soon.

Rudy Giuliani has piped up that he is part of a kitchen cabinet that is advising Trump. It is not entirely clear how serious Trump is taking Giuliani's views, though in an email to The Washington Post he did say that""Rudy is a very knowledgeable friend. I consider his counsel very important,"

This may be significant, or not mean anything at all. Maybe Trump just doesn't want to rain on a Rudy fee raising scam.

But rumors are that Trump will soon provide a list of advisers that he has assembled. If the list is a bunch of the old DC cronies then it will be business as usual in DC.  If there are surprises on the list---more names like that of Carl Ichan, who does not seem to have a DC agenda, then DC might be quite different under Trump. Different, I hasten to add, doesn't necessarily mean better.

But we should get some clues once Trump releases a list.

If the list isn't produced, then we will have to wait to see who Trump will pick as a VP candidate,

One clue that Trump is starting to get captured by the establishment as he gets close to the nomination goal line is that he says he is going to pick a politician as his running mate. On first take, this doesn't sound good, but let's see who he actually picks if he gets the nomination.


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  1. I could see Trump picking Kasich just for the swing state electoral votes he would bring. No doubt there are many other considerations though.