Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Robert Reich Worried About Trump as the Republican Nominee

The lefty writes on his Facebook page:
Donald Trump could well become the Republican nominee for President. The numbers at last night’s Republican caucuses in Nevada weren’t huge, but Trump won every demographic -- carrying men by 24 points and women by 18 points. As he did in South Carolina, he beat Cruz among born-again evangelicals. Trump even won among Hispanics. And he won those who describe themselves as very conservative, somewhat conservative and moderate.
Some progressives tell me they find this encouraging because they think Trump will be easy for a Democrat to beat, and his name at the top of the Republican ticket may also sweep out many Republicans from Congress. How, they ask, could most Americans ever vote for a bigoted, vulgar, narcissistic billionaire who lies about almost everything and has advanced no policies or arguments other than “I’m strong and smart enough to do it”?
I wish I could be as upbeat. Even if the probability of a Trump victory next November is below 50 percent, that’s too high for me and too high for the nation.

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  1. The circus continues. The progressives description of Trump (with the exception of billionaire)reminds me of Obama or Bush or Clinton or...