Monday, February 15, 2016

Rand Paul: "Justice Scalia is Dead, Please Send Me Money"

Rand Paul is out with his first Senate campaign email.

He writes:
The passing of Justice Scalia has made it more clear than ever that the role of the Senate is vital to maintaining liberty.

Without a strong Senate, we cannot ensure that our court is upholding the Constitution.

That’s why I am committed to another term for Kentucky and for this country.

Of course, the always one step behind Rand doesn't even have a senate re-election page up yet.

And people are so sick of Rand emails that it is doubtful that Rand is going to be able to raise any serious money without the help of the crony Mitch McConnell.

Rand is in a big money mess, remember he has promised to pay for the upcoming Republican caucus. That is going to be an interesting bill. And his Democratic opponent in the Senate race is likely to have big national money raising capabilities, which means Rand is going to need big money.

Mitch has Rand right where he wants him.

Would Mitch actually allow Rand to promote a libertarian-leaning Supreme Court justice nominee such as Judge Napolitano? Puhleez. In the end, Rand will support whomever Mitch tells him to support.


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  1. "Mitch has Rand right where he wants him."

    ^^This. Mr. Squander is thy name, Rand.