Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pat Robertson On Women in Combat

Pat Robertson gets it right. What's amazing is that the female 700 Club anchor doesn't seem to find any problem with female government-trained killers (Never mind that it is terrible to have male government-trained killers).

When you have a female 700 Club anchor seemed to have a pro combat-for-female stance, you know a large portion of the masses have been captured on this evil position.




  1. Interesting to see Robertson and the pain he is obviously going through to try and reconcile this in his mind. He knows it's not right. That stupid bimbo on the program is pretty much just that, to ridicule the situation talking about hair spray. Pat was trying to talk about women getting their guts blown out of their bodies in combat, and asking rightfully so, why would ANYONE want that? Including our sons, why do we want them to get their brains splattered on the ground for a few sociopaths?
    There is nothing wrong with a woman volunteering to be on a search and rescue squad, although it shouldn't be performed by the State. There is nothing wrong with a woman protecting herself or her family. What this whole debate is about, is whether the State owns the literal bodies of our children, and can demand at whim that our children sacrifice their bodies to be blown to bits for the States cause.
    At what point are we slaves?
    If the State only owns 10% of our lives?
    With the draft, it's 100%.
    But who will build the roads? If it's at the cost of our kids flesh, damn the roads.

  2. "At Paris Island, it was discovered that 45 percent of female Marines were unable to throw a hand grenade far enough to avoid blowing themselves up.” - Walter Williams (1999)