Sunday, February 7, 2016

Not Even the San Francisco Police Department Believes They Protect the People and Property of SF

Government security protection is largely a myth, you protect your own property, as the San Francisco police department points out. Retweeted by the SFPD:

We are mostly now, a private property society with mythical veil of pseudo government security protection.



  1. No we have a government with authority to make and enforce laws, which even private security must obey. Security can be privatized, because the law says people can own property. In anarchism there is nothing to prevent aggressive force to be sold and used. You don't have authority to say it's illegal.

  2. Hmm looks like whoever busted that window needs to read your comment Wags, cause that person doesn't understand "must obey". No one must obey anything, any more that the government "must obey" the constitution.

  3. We have an occupying army masquerading as peace officers.

  4. I'd say that the gov is still involved in protection, but mostly indirectly through punishment of caught criminals. It's not doing a great job of stopping determined criminals from carrying out crimes, but together with private forces, it does bring a significant portion of criminals to court and punishes them, to an extent that deters many other would-be criminals. I'm not saying that private courts wouldn't have done a better job - that's a hypothetical argument at this point, I'm just saying that they still contribute somewhat to the protection of citizens - even though all the while they also commit crimes against property by other means.