Monday, February 8, 2016

NEW POLL: Hillary and Sanders Tied Nationally

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, Clinton leads Sanders 48 percent to 45 percent among Democratic voters.

What is most interesting, and scary, is that according to the poll, there is still a wide gap between the two in name recognition nationally. Nearly a quarter of Democrats and two-fifths of Independents say they are still not that familiar with Sanders. In comparison, Clinton has almost total name recognition among voters.

From a libertarian perspective, Bernie must be stopped. He will make evil socialism acceptable. For more on the Sanders' perspective, see Dom Armentano's piece, Bernie Sanders and the Fraud of Democratic Socialism.

There is really not a good one in the bunch, Republicans or Democrats.

The only saving grace with Hillary is that she is the presidential candidate most likely to immediately face impeachment if she were to take office and I like to see the nation's leaders fully occupied with such things so that they have less time to harass the rest of us.



  1. "From a libertarian perspective, Bernie must be stopped. He will make evil socialism acceptable."
    If Bernie is elected that will mean socialism is already "acceptable", at least with the voting public. Whether or not the elite would be on board is another matter. Would George Soros, Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Spielberg go along with their bank accounts being nationalized? Maybe we would find out just how altruistic Bill Gates really is. I have a feeling the socialism part is just for us commoners.

  2. Half the country already believes that government is Santa Claus. The ones who don't believe government power derives from Killer-Jesus. I welcome Sanders as the Democrat's nominee. At least he's more honest than most in his psychopathic desire to destroy.

    Sanders would be almost certainly a noop as president. He would fail to get his socialism through a Republican congress, and unfortunately, but he'd possible at least slow down their foreign aggression.

    Hillary, who will not be impeached as the Republicans shot that wad in the 1990's by allowing the left to propagandize the impeachment as a sexual Salem witch hunt, would be a deal maker and get both more socialism and more warring through congress.

    1. That should have been "The ones who don't,". Grammar has never been my strong suit. ;)