Thursday, February 18, 2016

Muslim Man Sues Oklahoma Gun Range for Refusing Him Service:The Libertarian View

Martin Hill emails:
Bob, Any thoughts on this from a libertarian perspective? I suppose that its anyone can refuse anyone service, right?
That's correct Martin. From a libertarian perspective, a landowner can ban a person from his property for any reason in the world.



  1. Exactly, the gun range I shoot at is basically a piece of land that a fellow AnCap owns who I met at a local Dicks store. I pay the guy a fee per month to shoot no harm no foul. In addition he refuses to allow conservatives, cops or any government employee onto his range. This guy should just take the hint and shoot elsewhere, why give your money to someone who hates you and most likely would want the state to take your guns.

  2. Replies
    1. There's often no such thing as private property in this country anymore. The government decides who can do what with their property.

      Only so many people are allowed by the government to run certain businesses. If those few who get the government grant decide to discriminate then those they discriminate against must go without or do for themselves (if the government permits it or doesn't learn of it to stomp on it).

      Thus anti-discrimination laws are a patch on the previous government intrusion.