Thursday, February 11, 2016

Major Attack Ad Campaign Coming Against Trump

WSJ reports:
As the campaign moves south, Mr. Trump will face renewed resistance in his party; an anti-Trump GOP super PAC is planning an ad blitz there.
A Karl Rove commentary,GOP  Infighters Need to Focus on Trump,  in the same edition of WSJ may provide a clue as to how the attacks will come. Rove writes:
Messrs. Kasich, Cruz, Bush and Rubio must resist the temptation to go after one another—which only wastes vital time—and instead concentrate fire on Mr. Trump. South Carolina is a great venue to pop him on defense spending and health care. They must also bring up the front-runner’s greatest weakness: Americans have never elected a serial bankrupt. Populist South Carolinians may not understand why, when Mr. Trump’s companies went under, such a wealthy man didn’t dip into his fortune to do right by the people who were hurt.
There is also Mr. Trump’s claim to be a great businessman: His casinos never reported a profit. The only person who may have made big money on them was The Donald, when he sold. So far Mr. Trump’s response to the bankruptcy charge has been that he “took advantage of the laws.” Thoroughly airing the issue will provide an opportunity for him to give a better answer—or for Republicans to decide they don’t want a nominee with such baggage.

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  1. what an idiot. "if we just show him to be no good SOB, the base will rush back to us".