Friday, February 19, 2016

Jeb "Kicked in the Balls"

Politico reports:
Some of Jeb Bush’s most steadfast allies think Saturday might be the end.
Donors, who poured millions into his campaign and super PAC, have stopped giving — one refusing a direct request to raise $1 million this week. Bush himself is hitting the phones, pleading for patience with his most influential supporters. And even some of his confidants are suddenly dejected after a dispiriting week capped off by South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley rejecting Bush in favor of Marco Rubio. 
“What a kick in the balls,” said one of Bush’s closest supporters, one of the more than a dozen major Bush donors interviewed for this story.


  1. Jeb will make it. It is going to be Bush vs. Clinton. Why mess with a winning side show formula?

    1. cos the apperatchiks don't write the script any more. Trump makes him look like a fool every day, everybody knows he'll be sockpuppet for the special interests he isn't entertaining and there's other voting options

    2. Trump dresses Jebidiah down and seems to have a ball doing it.
      The other "options" are there for a reason. The so called apperatchiks are just keeping the powder dry.

  2. A lot of rank and file Republicans don't like him. I don't see his popularity swinging.