Sunday, February 28, 2016

Has the Libertarian Moment Passed?

This is great stuff from Jeff Deist.
Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute. For many years he was an advisor to Ron Paul and a tax attorney specializing in mergers and acquisitions for private equity clients. He was also Congressman Paul’s chief of staff during the 2012 election, and his press secretary

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  1. Mr Deist is absolutely correct. Decentralization and free markets are the only true solutions, and Mr Rockwell's site have educated me to that reality. I know voting is pointless, but I'm still going to because it feels like I'm taking an action. That's what Trump and the alt-right is tapping into, a feeling of powerlessness against the encroachment of the state. I'm not going to avoid paying taxes and live my life in jail. I'm not going to go around trying to educate the people around me about what I've learned, most don't want to think about this stuff anyways. My point is that now that I feel that I've been awakened to reality, there really isn't anything I can personally do to make a significant change. That's why it is nice to hear someone with significantly more power than me at least expressing some of the same discontent with the powers that be.