Wednesday, February 10, 2016

From Jersey: Fearless Presidential Race Forecasts

Murray Sabrin emails:
The following NH primary predictions were sent to Max Pizzaro at his request for before Rubio's disastrous debate performance.  Although I did not put this in my prediction, I have been saying for months on Julie Briggs' Political Roundtable radio show that John Katich would emerge as a possible establishment alternative.  Let's see if the Kasich bump in NH has any traction.  

Based on the continuing dynamics of the primaries, Trump first, who is connecting with voters in small groups. Rubio should be a close second.  The "Establishment" wants a "horse" to ride to victory in November.  The insiders think it is the telegenic, bilingual senator from Florida, a must state for Republicans to carry to win the White House.  Christie has run his last primary race because of another disappointing showing.  
On the Democratic side, the pundits have Hillary closing the wide gap.  I still think Sanders wins by at least 20 points. His democratic socialism is wooing the intellectually challenged Democrats and Independents who think collectivism is a viable economic system.  Hillary's trustworthiness may be an unspoken factor as the primary season unfolds.   
PS No one should use the above predictions to make a wager. 

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